Thursday, 17 May 2012

Gang vs. Cops

One of my latest drawings. Unlike previous scenes, this one features extensive background work and some 3D perspective, side-scrolling game style. The cityscape took up a lot of time, so much so, that I got a bit tired of it when it came to the actual stick war! Nevertheless, it looks awesome. It’s a great scene with cool stick men. The stick gang has their Tec9’s, AK 47’s and pimp wagons (check the rims), the stick cops have their snipers ‘n shit. The gang side also has some graffiti, burning barrel etc… In this drawing I finally figured out how to draw the fire without resorting to the dreaded spray can effect. The guns also pop out shells which adds to the 'reality'. I would have liked to draw more stick cops, but hey, I do this shit at work!

Just another day in Stick City.

The left side of the scene is obviously gang controlled. It’s a bit more run down. There’s a guy with an AK reaching in the trunk of his car. Probably to get  more ammo, guns or even an RPG. Who knows?

The bulk of the stick gang is taking cover behind one of their cars, firing away wildly. You can tell these people haven’t had proper weapons training. However what they do know is how to make Molotov cocktails! Just look at the fire and chaos, It’s glorious!

Sadly for the stick gangbangers, the stick cops have had excellent weapons training. As you can see the snipers are taking them out one by one (one on the bridge and one in the abandoned building).POP! POP! Those guys never knew what hit them...

One of the stick cops is taking an AK round in the gut tho… It’s his own fault, would have stood there on that spot? He's probably having an off day or something. 
He just got married,  has two kids and one on the way. 
That's life.

Considering the stick gang isn’t really dug in and probably high on crack, the stick cops will prevail. You just can’t beat the law when it comes to a gunfight in the middle of the city.

By the way I’m sorry the stick gang is black and the stick cops are white. It's just the way it is.
I don’t think one white guy in a black gang would have made any sense. And if I had put a black guy in the police force, his partners just wouldn’t have trusted him...

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