Monday, 14 May 2012

Supertank vs. army

This was one of those drawings I did in a few hours. I went back to basics and kept it strictly 2D. I experimented with the smoke and complemented it with the spray can. It's just awesome.  
I still haven’t figured out how the muzzle flash of the tank should look like. In RL it’s more dust and less fire, I know…
It’s a desert scene in which the supertank is being attacked by various aggressors. I used to draw a lot of these kinds of scenes back in school. 
Almost everything in this drawing is level (gun barrels, helicopters,…). Reason? I lazy. Oh yeah, and there’s a robot in it. I love robots, but they’re hard to draw in MS Paint. It is what it is.

Supertank being attacked by a small army.

From the left side there’s light attack vehicle coming in. Notice the dust around the wheels. It fires some kind of automatic RPG at the supertank. It also has a gun for close range defense. Completely useless here.

In the middle you can see a black guy about to fire a rocket of his own. You would think these combined attacks are enough to disable or destroy the supertank. You would be wrong. Do you really think a supertank that carries a flying robot has no shield? You just can’t see it yet, but it’s there, trust me.

Anyway the brave stick soldier in the middle might not even get enough time to fire his device of destruction… Actually in about 0.0002 seconds he’ll die, knowing he will have done all he could.

The light attack vehicle is also about to be destroyed by the supertank’s main gun. Hey, it had to shoot something!

The air is where the real danger is for our beloved supertank. Two advanced attack helicopters coming in hard. Full rocketpods ready to unleash hell. Agile as fuck, but will they be able to shake the tank’s AA-missiles? 

Of course not! They’re also doomed!!! 

They might release a few rockets, but who’s to say they would do any damage?

And if all else fails, having a flying attack robot always comes in handy. Especially one with Gatling guns for arms. Notice the shells raining down? Epic.

So there you have it! The supertank will be victorious. It’s called a supertank for a reason, otherwise it would just be a big tank which is basically a big slow target.


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