Sunday, 3 June 2012

Alien invasion!

Constantly pushing the limits of the concept “Paint Stick Wars”, I decided to up the realism this time.
Perhaps a bit too much, but that’s for you to decide. The one point perspective came out really nice, but it sure was a lot of work! So much so, that I decided to never ever do it again! So bask in its gloryness while you can, because this is a onetime deal. I would have liked to have added more detail to this scene, but frankly, I just got tired of it. (This is a reoccurring problem.)
In an attempt to make the scene more ominous and apocalyptic, I made the sky orange... then after throwing up three times, I quickly changed it back to blue. The rundown buildings, crack in the street and nature reclaiming the cityscape should give you a clue as to the state of the world in this scene. Also the “War of the worlds”-style robot (which honestly looks like a weird water tower) and smaller robots firing lasers might tip you off. The robots are spherical for several reasons: It’s a universally perfect form, projectiles tend to ricochet off and it’s easy to draw in 3D.
I also added more dead bodies this time, which has been a point of critique and rightly so.
Enjoy the 3D-ness!

Ooh the humanity!

This scene is a left vs. right kind of thing. It doesn’t need much explaining I think. The left side is obviously human controlled. I made sure to mix up the races, because in my paranoid mind, I was beginning to feel like a closet racist.

In the lower left corner, taking cover behind a car wreck are some sticks fighting for their lives. One guy is down, but he’s not quite dead yet. He’s all like “Tell my boy… *cough* daddy won’t be home… for his birthday… *groan* and that he’s sorry… *cough*”. Unfortunately, his buddies can’t hear his dying words, because they are too busy getting hit and firing at invading alien robots.
Notice the 9mm rounds are not really getting through the robot’s armor. You need AK shells for that shit!

A little further back some sticks are installing a belt fed grenade launcher. This thing could be a game changer, if they get it firing in time! (The stick behind the launcher is getting a bit impatient!)

In the middle there’s a soldier in a downright bad situation. He’s down on the ground (probably in shock, unable to move) while a massive laser beam is disintegrating the street right between his legs! Imagine the heat coming of that thing! Poor guy’s nuts are probably fried already! His buddy is trying to save him, but I don’t think they’ll make it.

Behind them there’s a more successful duo. Having taken out one invader already, they are reloading the AT-weapon for another go. Look at that: ebony and ivory working together to save the world…

Taking cover behind some debris, a stick is radioing for much needed backup. To be honest, these guys really need it, they’re heavily outgunned!

Some of the sticks have taken cover in the buildings. You can see the sniper sure is taking his sweet time… (he’s not getting lasered upon!). In the same building, an AT-guy just fired his weapon at the big robot. It looks like it’s going to be a direct hit, but I’ve got a feeling the main attack weapon of an invading alien army is able to withstand an RPG. So he’s basically setting himself up for being massively retaliated upon.

Some sticks are stuck behind enemy lines… The robots advanced so fast, they didn’t get a chance to retreat. They’re basically fucked.

But wait, what’s that? Over on the horizon… The cavalry! And not a moment too soon. Hopefully they’ll be in time to save some sticks!

I’ll give this battle to the humans, but the war I’ll give to the aliens.
Face it, if we’re invaded, we’re screwed.

Spread the wars.

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