Monday, 12 November 2012

The final stand

For my fan(s) at computer store Van Roey Automation.

Chaos and anarchy rule the world.
Militarized gangs have organised throughout the land and are roaming from city to city in a looting rampage.

Looking for an easy tech score, the looters have turned their sights on a large computer store. Little did they know, the brave employers of this particular store were ready to defend their precious beacon of technology with their lives. Yes, with their lives!

The quick score, envisioned by the gang strategists, has turned in a veritable siege. Barricaded doors, gunfights, and vicious melee fights were certainly not part of their plan. But neither were a bunch of zombies crashing the party. No one knows what they’re doing there but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them before... here or here.
(honestly, I just got tired of drawing normal sticks.)

Will these brave employers stand vast against this torrent of violence?
Will their supplies dwindle, forcing them to surrender in the agony of starvation?
Will they get bored and be all like “Fuck this shit, I’m going home! And I’m taking an Ipad!”
Who’s to say?

Looters vs. employers. Suddenly zombies!

Because of the vast amount of sticks in this scene, I’m not going to guide you through it like I usually do.

Just be sure to look for these (in no particular order):
·         Employers fighting gang style with keyboards and mice
·         Knife to the groin
·         “Why! GOD WHY!!!”
·         Chillin’ and snipin’
·         Mini gun stick guy
·         Gangnam style not allowed
·         “I’m out of ammo, throw me a cli-“
·         Roasting wieners
·         Stick guy on fire
·         Bold bald stick
·         3 stick party
·         Peppered car
·         “I can see the light...”
·         The Coward
·         Giving the finger

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