Thursday, 4 April 2013

Letter from the front!

Stick men fight. It's the only thing they do, right?
But did you ever stop to think about how or what they feel? Probably not.

Here's a letter from Billy Bob. A simple stick soldier, fighting on the front line for your amusement. 

Dear Anne,

Things aren’t well out here at the front.
The enemy is dug in pretty good and we’re getting slaughtered out there. Running out of the trenches is suicide. If the mortars don’t get you, the machine guns or the snipers will. It’s hell, but we have no choice. I’m one of the lucky few who made it back to camp after being shot in the shoulder. Don’t worry though, It’s not that bad with the morphine. Ah sweet, sweet morphine I don’t know if they plan to send me home or patch me up and send me to meet the maker. Whatever happens, just know I love you and always will.

Some time ago we found some caves below our camp which seem to run all the way under the enemy’s camp. It could mean a lucky break for us. A few days ago, we sent some guys to scout the caves, but they never returned. I did hear some screams echo at night. I don’t know if it was the fever from being shot or the morphine, but the screams sounded like pure terror. Almost inhuman even. I don’t know, we’re under a lot of stress here. One of the guys has even gone missing inside the camp. I’m sure he’s just hiding, but no one can seem find him.

Today something weird happened. Some new guys showed up. Not the average boys they normally send up, but real tough guys. Different gear and all. Their commanding officer (a real hard ass) is talking to ours as I write this letter, and it doesn’t sound like your everyday friendly conversation! They seem very interested in the caves and don’t really help out in the trenches. They’ve been hauling heavy equipment down there all day. I don’t really care, as long as they find our boys down there. Nobody deserves to be left behind in some dark cave a thousand miles from home.

With a little luck we may be able to take the enemy by surprise by attacking from behind their lines! Who knows, in a few days we may be able to take the town!
I know I’m probably being overly optimistic, but it’s the only thing I have. That, and smokes! Send me more smokes!

I hope this pigeon doesn’t get shot. We only get so many…

Yours always


Billy Bob