Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Underground experiment FAQ

As promised in my last post: Underground experiment.

Q: How did they get all that huge stuff through such narrow corridors?
A:         1) They built it piece by piece
            2) They built the base, then buried it underground

Q: Where does the reactor waste go?
A: It’s advanced tech. it doesn’t produce waist!

Q: How is the base supplied? Food, ammo, fuel, machinery,…
A: Through the entrance?

Q: Why are the corridors so narrow?
A: Budget cuts. The guards are also selected by height so it doesn’t bother them much.

Q: How can the “mutants” live and breed in the fuel storage room undisturbed?
A: It’s a known problem. No one wants to go in there and kill them. Would you? They’re just hoping they will die eventually.

Q: Why do the intruders attack from three entry points?
A: Shock and awe!

Q: Why do the intruders place two small explosives, only to nuke the entire facility later on?
A: Redundancy. If the nuke fails, they still take out the reactor and the lab, which will also destroy the entire base.

Q: Is there no emergency exit?
A: no, do you see one?

Spread the wars.

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