Monday, 28 May 2012

Underground experiment

I'm back with a classroom classic: the underground paint stick war!
Everyone, and I mean everyone who drew stick wars back in school, eventually took it underground. It's just common sense really. Wars need bases, bases need cover, best cover is underground. Now I know this is a step back from The Siege and Gang vs. Cops from a technical point of view, but if I was to draw this scene in 3D, it would just give me a massive headache! 
I realise there are some  fundamental flaws in the base design. I don't really plan out these things properly, I just draw stuff. I'll be posting a list of flaws and impossibilities concerning the base and the drawing in general, FYA of course.

Underground base assault.

This is a desert base, so it's reasonably well camouflaged from an aerial point of view. It also has a SAM-site for taking down those nosy UAV's and recon aircraft.

Going down from the bunker on the left, we see some sticks accessing the underground base. the blue thing is some sort of airlock. 
In the sleeping quarters, some sticks are just getting up and arming themselves. The guns are designed for CQB (and to be extremely easy to draw in Paint!).

Next we have the reactor room. This room is being hit hard by the intruders as you can see, and the defenders don't really stand a chance here. Remember, they are being completely surprised by this attack. The undertrained, never-before-seen-action guards of this facility are just not prepared. The intruders  clearly have superior technology, shooting purple lasers and all... There's a guy accessing one of the computers to steal data and some guys are carrying in what looks like a nuke!

Right below the reactor room is the fuel storage for the reactor. As you can see, some mutants (loosely based on Aliens) have taken up residence there, munching on the reactor fuel! Sadly for some intruders, these mutants don't take too kindly to the noisy laserblasting invading kind!

The largest room of the base, is the place where the experiments take place. Essential for any selfrespecting underground base is the laser testing site! Don't know where I picked up the idea, but I think it was Half-life or Deus Ex or something like that...

It seems the base is primarily focussing it's recourses on mutant experiments. "Why?" you ask? "It looks cool" I say. This room is also being heavily invaded. The mounted turret is doing it's job tho, but it can't hold them back forever. And even if it could, 2 bombs are already being placed amidst all the chaos. Can you spot them?
There's also a coward, point out that lame ass excuse for a soldier!

The base is pretty much screwed. Successfully mounting a multiple entry point surprise attack, the invaders succeed in planting two small bombs, stealing data and probably will succeed in blowing up half the desert by detonating the nuke!

Just goes to show: always defend your underground base with steel walls and motion mines!

(I promise more dead guys next time!)

Spread the wars.

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