Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Vietnam jungle warfare

A battle, or rather gunfight, based on numerous Vietnam movies. 
I put “a lot” more effort in the scenery in this one. There’s actually a background, and yes, color! The foliage was quite labor intensive, but it really adds reality to the scene (as far as reality goes in MS Paint). This is quite a zoomed in scene, so I thought it would be cool to give the stickmen more body… by which I mean backpacks! I hope you can make out the two different sides by the telltale M16 and AK47. The supposed Vietnam army’s appearance isn’t really true to reality. I know they look more like a Chinese army, but hey what do you want? It’s just a stick war.

On the western side you can see a stick guy radioing for backup. Which arrives instantly… (of course) in the form of a Vietnam war icon: the Huey. At the time I had no internet access, so please excuse any mistakes I may have made in the model. Also I’m well aware that the top rotor doesn’t seem to do anything. In MS paint sometimes you have to compromise. It was either a Huey flying level, which I really didn’t like or this. Notice the M60 raining down suppressive fire? Classic. The stick guys in the Huey even have headsets!

Down in the jungle there’s a sniper lying hidden, firing at the other side. The sniper misses his target (weird huh?) and his buddy jumps up from behind the cover to take out the target. Dumb move stick… He’s setting himself up to receive a cloud of 7.62x39mm shells! The tree catches some too tho.

Over on the right side there’s a stick guy taking cover, trying to see what all the fuss is about (the jungle’s dense you know…).

To counter the incoming Huey, I gave the eastern side an RPG guy. Chances of him taking out the Huey aren’t that great, but hey, it’s something right! I couldn’t go and give him a stinger or something like that now could I?

I also dropped the spray can tool for smoke and muzzle flash, I like it much better this way.

The “Contact” I just had to add for extra awesomeness! (Also: Predator I – CONTACT!!!)

I think the west has got this one covered with the Huey and all…
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  1. HardAtWork, Maybe you could add some underground scenery here, you know like a hidden alien treasure or perhaps a fossil, lava-pit,... you know to spicen things up a notch; kids these days, they're never contented with anything anymore :-(, oh yea, If you like Predator, and Vietnam wars, check out the movie "Skeleton lake" Trust me on this one. ;-)