Tuesday, 8 May 2012

War 2.0

This was one of my first stick war drawings. A classic 2D scene, mostly black & white with some special effects. The things I struggled most with were the fire and smoke. I don’t really like how they turned out. The mechanized army is somewhat based on units from Total Annihilation (1997). You may recognize the Thud (artillery) and … (infantry). If you are too young to remember TA (can’t believe I’m saying this), you probably do know Supreme Commander. SupCom wasn’t really a sequel to TA but it was created by the same guy (Chris Taylor) and had very similar features.

War 2.0

The battle itself doesn’t need much explaining I think. It’s basically just a base assault. 

The wall/ gate is being hammered by the high powered laser fired by the main mech.

A gunner atop the wall is firing at the first infantry mech.

An armored vehicle is being dispatched from the base to try and take out the main mech, which is shielded of course.

Some defenders are trying to keep themselves from being fried. (Why they are in front of the armored vehicle, I still don’t know…)

The artillery in the back is firing at the base, obviously. Which will result in… Total Annihilation!

There is also a gunship taking of from the base. The battle was too unbalanced, so I added it later. Not really pleased with the result tho…

Also I added some air defense to the main mech. I completely forgot the air defense and couldn’t stand it being destroyed by a mere gunship! 

I’d put my money on the mechanized army for this one!
Let me know what you think!