Monday, 11 June 2012

Nuclear raid!

It took a while, but I’m back with another masterpiece! (I got a bit distracted with work lately.)
The scene, which is a base assault, is loosely inspired on James Bond style end scenes. (Also: Hank Scorpio.) To qualify for this particular category, a scene should incorporate several essential aspects.
Here’s a small list:
  • Superweapon: check!
  • Super villain, protected by super bodyguard: check!
  • Escape routes: check!
  • Captured spy: check!
  • Guys with orange helmets prepared to self-sacrifice for the cause: check!
  • Loads of fancy computers: check!

After my last Paint Stick War: Alien Invasion, I decided to switch back to the isometric perspective. It’s just a lot easier than the one point perspective and is much better suited for these kinds of scenes. It has one downside though: you can’t draw ceilings. It’s a shame, because I really wanted to show where the missile would go and how the army would enter the facility through the roof. Nevertheless I really like the result. 
But enough with the chitchat, let’s get down to business!

Nuclear launch detected!

Hmm... where to start? We’ll start where the ‘good’ army started: the loading docks. The army has blasted their way into the facility as you can see. The clock says T-59, so the army should be in time to disarm the nuke, provided they win this battle!

Heavily engaged in a shootout, the ground team is struggling to hold their ground. Having already lost some guys, that machine gunner better start sending lead down lane!

While the bad guys may have more advanced weaponry, the army has the edge when it comes to versatility. You can see one stick actually using his mounted grenade launcher! (Check the explosion!) Now you may be thinking: “Why don’t they all use their grenades and end this thing?”. Well, unlike you, these sticks have had years of training in raiding superweapon facilities and have received specific orders not to damage the computers. (There, satisfied?)

As I said before, the bad guys have some sate of the art weaponry: the iconic red laser rifle. (To be revealed in the near future, I’m sure.) However, what really makes them dangerous is their zealous devotion to the cause and willingness to fight to the end!

The ground team has spread out, looking for alternative routes to the main control panel. Some sticks are climbing some boxes to get a better view of the facilit-...
The better option seems to be entering the labs through the newly blasted hole in the wall, or scaling the labs with a grappling hook!

As with all properly prepared raids, the army has chosen a multiple point of entry approach. Dropping in from the rooftop, a small team aims to rapidly control the high ground and end this thing quickly. Sadly, one stick won’t live to regret the fact that he skipped the abseiling course...
Being a proper rooftop raid team, they also have a sniper. Can you guess where he’s aiming at?
The rest of the team is making good progress on the high ground. They can even afford to engage in hand-to-hand combat, just for fun!

Down on the ground, the situation looks less fun. Reinforcements are pouring in (Look at the IT-guy turned soldier, he should have spent more time on the treadmill!) and the good guys are being blasted with lasers. And if that’s not enough, there’s a fully armoured laser sniping, flame throwing guard protecting the super villain, the captured spy being shot at and the clock ticking down!

These guys seem to have underestimated the super villain, outmanned and outgunned... “Damn it, they gave us bad intel! It’s (insert crappy country) all over again!”

However, there might be some hope left. One of the villain’s escape routes has been compromised and infiltrated by some super ninja spies! Using the chaos, they silently kill off the bad guys and may just reach the control panel in time!

Well that’s about it. This one is hard to call...
If the good guys have a decent machine gunner (which is likely) they may gain enough ground.
If their sniper is any good, he may take out the super villain in an anti-climactic way.
If the super ninja spies remain unseen, they may reach the control panel. 
That’s a lot of If’s...

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  • Workaholic

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