Friday, 6 July 2012

Loading bay breach


Space station MSP2 is under heavy attack by an unknown aggressor. You are now watching live footage of the event.

The term "hostile takeover" has taken on a new meaning!

While several sections of the station are being attacked as a diversion, the loading bay, which is the weakest point in its defense, has been chosen by the enemy to infiltrate the station in full force.
By keeping the station’s fighters occupied, a boarding ship has managed to dock at the loading bay and is severely testing the bay’s defenses with a highly coordinated attack.

The invading force seems to have intimate knowledge of the bay’s defense systems. Using portable shield generators, have been able to quickly establish a beachhead. While these shields do deflect normal energy weapons, they do not offer protection from heavy energy blasts. To counter the mechanized defense force of the station, the invaders have brought portable heavy energy weapons and high energy EMP grenades, which are very effective.

The loading bay is primarily protected by a massive high energy shield. The aim of the attack seems to be to disable it by placing explosives at its energy relay. The high energy shield is the only thing able to deflect the boarding ship’s devastating main phaser weapon.

When the station was designed, it was generally assumed that the station’s defenses and fighters would be enough to keep enemy ships from docking at the station. This means the bay shield was never designed to deflect portable energy weapons, rendering the bay vulnerable to infiltration.

The intentions of the aggressor are not entirely clear at this point. However, since the station is vital for resource trade and a key strategic point in the sector, it is assumed the station will be captured, rather than destroyed. Assumptions are also being made as to the identity of the aggressor. The advanced technology and coordinated attack suggest either Jupicore or MeteoCorp. is behind the attack, rather than a politically motivated aggressor.

The sneak attack has come as a complete surprise to the Lunar Earth Alliance, which has assured the enemy will not go unpunished and has declared all out war to the unknown organization behind the attack.

Our thoughts go out to the brave men and women protecting the station.


Spread the wars.

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