Monday, 25 June 2012

Zombie apocalypse!

*narrator voice on*

Locked up for decades and long forgotten, a super race of highly aggressive and dexterous zombies has finally broken out of its prison.

A cold war army experiment gone wrong, the zombies, who were supposed to turn out like super soldiers, were deemed far too dangerous and uncontrollable by command. Having spent millions on the research project which would lead to these events, command was reluctant to destroy the product of its endeavours. It was decided the zombies were to be locked away so that future researchers could continue the project.

The precautions taken to prevent these creatures from ever emerging however, were thought of too fast and too poorly. The cover-up needed to be fast, cheap and discrete.
They were wrong. Wrong to think a few rusty iron bars would hold these terrible creatures.

The base where the project had been buried did have a contingency plan. In case of a breakout, the zombies would have to be held back long enough to place and activate explosive devices which would eradicate the creatures permanently.
This contingency plan, however elegant in its simplicity, turned out to be not so simple in execution.

To create a vertical barrier, several plateaus were constructed between the holding cell and the exit. This way, the zombies would have to jump from one plateau to another. The zombies, however turned out to be far more dexterous and powerful than the researches could have imagined. The base guards soon found themselves overrun...

*narrator voice off*

Zombie apocalypse imminent!

These zombies are pissed off and hungry! Look at the zombie standing in the hole! Scary shit. These things move like “I am legend” –zombies, jumping and climbing their way to freedom and a protein rich meal! You can see them fighting over one of the base guards. And as if their superhuman strength and dexterity aren’t enough, they hurl acid too! These guys never stood a chance.

But what’s that? It looks like some future warriors (from the future) are being teleported in to stop the zombies from breaking out! Equipped with state of the art weaponry and jet boots, they might just be able to turn the tide! The breakout obviously had disastrous consequences if some future government is sending soldiers back in time...

If the zombies are able to defeat the future soldiers, they still have to deal with stick Rambo. And he’s packing a minigun!

Ninja’s guarding an exit is always a good idea. Don’t ask me where they come from, they do seem a bit out of place. But you can never have enough ninja’s around!

Hopefully this colourful bunch is enough to stave off the apocalypse!

Spread the wars.

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