Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Zombie apocalypse: The aftermath

In a post apocalyptic world, few humans remain. But those who do, have organized and adapted, and are building a glorious new human capital. This capital will strengthen what is left of civilization and gather all remaining knowledge and technology into one place, so that the zombies may finally be defeated.

Resources however, cannot be found in one place and must be extracted on site. These well defended sites known as “fortresses” are permanently manned by a small crew. Dropships regularly visit to resupply and transport the extracted resources to hubs, where they can be divided amongst the settlements or taken to the capital.

The fortresses have several means of defense.
The underground corridors have thick walls of reinforced concrete.
The perimeter of the fortress is protected by a heavy razor wire fence which is electrified.
To prevent underground attacks, proximity mines are usually placed around the perimeter.
As a last resort, the tower can flood the immediate area with an extremely corrosive acid which will disable the zombies and make them easier the shoot down.

Oh, the humanity!

This scene depicts a water mining fortress which is being attacked by zombies. Unfortunately someone (I’m not naming any names) has placed a proximity mine too close to the living quarters. A string of explosions has effectively blown a corridor to the outside, and the zombies are flooding in, looking for fresh human blood (or brains or whatever… Maybe they are just looking for love?).

Above ground the crew is loading the dropship and doing the best they can to keep the zombies from coming too close. The fence is doing its job, but the zombies are still getting over, so the tower is hurling its acid all over the place!
With the aid of the well armed dropship, this attack will do little damage.
Underground however, the situation is more dire…

The alarms are going off and everyone is in a state of shock, as no one expected an underground attack. Fortunately some coolheaded sticks are taking care of business. But the zombies are relentless and they will not wait for the sticks to reload…
The emergency protocol is in effect and the steel doors coming down to avoid further loss of the fortress. However, due to a major flaw in design the entire living quarters will be lost, as there are two ladders connecting the four levels. Architects these days, right?

Let’s just hope the dropship has enough room to extract everyone in time… if it doesn’t, it will be every man for himself! (I say every man because the remaining women are in the settlements breeding of course).

Can you spot two memes?
Zooming in is advised.

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  1. Seriously, I'm applauding from my desk-chair... Is there no way to make this into an animated series? Like south-Park once revolutionized the cartoonworld... But this has also a kind of where's waldo feel to it, maybe that can only be achieved in a still image...

    Anyways, I don't know how many views you get, but I assure you, this will get huge some day :D

  2. I humbly accept this award... euhm applause :)
    I have been thinking about animating, but I really want to keep true to the style. I really don't want it to turn out like any other stick animation out there. You seem to get the point with the Waldo thing ;)

    Let's hope it does ;)

  3. holy crap this is cool
    you might want to draw them on paper instead
    doing them like this must take hours