Friday, 28 September 2012

Wild West Gold Rush!

As announced some 10 000 years ago, I bring you: Wild West Gold Rush!

A while ago, I went to see Abraham Lincon: Vampire Hunter. When the movie had finished and after I was done throwing up and trying to get my money back, it hit me. A Paint Stick War set in the Wild West! Awesome! Something good came out of seeing that movie after all. (Good thing too, I was starting to run out of ideas.)

Easier said than done though. The look of an 1800s western town isn’t so straightforward as a modern day city so I had to do some research (like a pro). I did include some fantasy elements like the steam powered balloon and 1800s sniper rifles. Some might call it steampunk. I don’t.
Speaking of steam, there’s a steam locomotive in it! Together with the armored carriage, it took up about 1/3rd of the draw time!
Also note the close range gun battle due to lack of accuracy and range of the weapons.

The scene, as always,  is pretty self-explanatory.
The top hat guys have come back with loads of gold from the goldmine in the background. They want to finish up loading their train and get back to their slaves loving families. The other guys are basically after their gold and have taken control of the train station and half the town.
I’m rooting for the brown hat guys, the top hat guys remind me of that movie too much.

Guns blazin' in the Wild West!

I’ll guide you through starting from the left.
In case you haven’t noticed, the building on the far left is… a whorehouse! If you zoom in, you can see a guy climbing down the window to avoid paying the pretty redhead. She probably forgot her derringer at home.

The top hats are arriving in town with their armored gold filled carriage. To protect their newly acquired riches, they’ve outfitted their carriage with a freakin’ Gatling gun! Nothing says “stay away from my gold” like a Gatling gun! Look at it firing away! POP POP POP! Accuracy isn’t everything you know.

The sheriff of the town… is a drunk. He’s all like “What the hell’s going on in my town?”. BAM! Hole through the roof. As a pastime, he likes lying on his roof, staring at the stars (while drunk) and shooting birds (obviously not at night). In all the commotion, his prisoner is escaping with the help of his stick buddy. What a screwup that sherriff.

The top hats hare doing all they can to protect their precious cargo. Rifles firing away, pistols discharging everywhere. They’re even preparing to blow up the railway! Don’t know if that’s such a good idea though…

The large building in the middle is the saloon. You can see two drunks brawling in front of it, as was the style at the time. The brown hats have infiltrated the saloon in order to gain more high ground.

Down on the battlefield, the brown hat sticks are fighting bravely, despite some being heavily wounded.
The station is in full control of the brown hat sticks. They’ve captured the engineer and are trying to load the gold on the train. Some snipers are taking aim on top of the station. You can see how they’ve assembled their rifle, using a special kit (with a little imagination).

The steam powered balloon, which I admit is not a really well thought out idea with the weight and the coal and all, but fuck it, is dropping in more reinforcements and most likely has a shitload of dynamite on board!
Those top hat guys won’t know what hit them.

Keep spreadin' them wars ya hear!



  1. I love the balloon, it looks really nice and smooth. This picture was worth the wait since you announced you'd be making the wild west war.

    1. Thx Dova!
      It sure did take me a while, didn't it!
      I was working on 2 scenes at the same time. The new scene will be finished soon!

  2. Finally the wait is over... Love that sheriff (maybe you should make a spin-off TV show about him?), love the tumbleweed, love the detail on the sign of the whorehouse :D That's one sexy stick I tells ya!
    If you need inspiration, i was thinking of a I love Techno party at 5am gone out of hand with the last drunks/druggies going all "het leven zoals het is - Politie" on the cops and the security people. Or a bitchez and gangsta party gone all outta hand... or a ww3 scene in the year 2014?

    1. Hehe I was really testing your patience there, wasn't I ;)
      The sheriff's also my favorite stick, along with the sexy redhead and the brown hat stick bleeding his guts out :D
      Good eye on the sign btw!
      I may be able to do something with your ideas... I like the idea of a WW3 scene. On the other hand, I've been thinking of doing a remake of "The Siege" Gotta love that medieval mayhem ;)

  3. It looks Awesome Good work:)

    1. Always nice to know my good work is appreciated!