Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Epic wizard duel!

The votes are in!
You voted for Magic staff guy!

In truth he was my favorite too. Red cloak guy looks evil… in a bad way.
I made sure Magic staff guy kicked his ass wizard style!


Energy blast vs. Energy shield

Charged kick vs. Charged block

Vanish vs. Charged staff attack

Charged power orb vs. Lightning atmosphere

Conjure: energy sword vs. Charged jump

Energy sword attack vs. Charged staff block

Charging energy blast vs. Massive staff discharge

Conjure: energy shield vs. Conjure: energy broadsword

Energy shield block vs. Energy broadsword attack

Glorious death vs. Finishing move: Snake staff

Any similarity to game/ movie/ book characters is purely coincidental. 

Spread the wars!

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  1. Hell yeah, awesome fight. Do I see any challengers coming up to fight Magic staff guy. BTW Magic staff guy must have cool name right? ^^ I heard mr Cryogen will finish Staff guy off if he dares to fight him.. But I ain't believin it..