Monday, 11 March 2013

Zombie apocalypse: the aftermath II

BAM! More mutant zombie related awesomeness!

This sequel to “Zombie apocalypse: The aftermath” depicts a hub site where resources are stored and redistributed. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t worry, I’m not entirely sure either. For more on my Zombie apocalypse universe check here: Zombie apocalypse!, Zombie apocalypse: The aftermath.

Unlike a fortress, which is a temporary fortification to protect a mining interest, a hub is a permanent base with living quarters, a lab, a loading bay for dropships and a large storage facility below.

The hub has several defense layers.
The perimeter is defend by a canal (mutant zombies can’t swim very well), fire pits to roast the tenacious bastards, a wall (obligatory) and gun towers.
The base itself has some machine gun posts and grenade launchers as well.

As this is a military base and completely devoid of female sticks (not being sexist, this is entirely coincidental), the male sticks are a bit frustrated and they need ways to blow of some steam. You’ll often find them smoking, drinking and playing games.

The base has some captured mutant zombies to experiment with, so the lab is used to the occasional outbreak. Unfortunately the loading bay is not.

An infected dropship has made it in to the base somehow and the mutant zombies are wreaking havoc in the loading bay area, disabling defense systems with their acid spew and infecting stick soldiers and technicians. Once bitten and infected by a mutant zombie, the DNA is altered almost instantly.

Not much is known about the mutant disease at the moment. Mutant zombies are highly aggressive and agile when it comes to jumping and climbing but they can’t swim for shit. Recent research suggests they are linked through a hive mind or connected to a higher consciousness. This would explain why they sometimes choose to eat or turn their victims and why they attack in groups.

Let's hope these brave sticks can contain the security breach!

Open in new tab for better view, or download .png!

Check out the scene, it has a lot of easter eggs in it.
If the image isn't clear, view here.
You can download the .png file here!

Feel free to comment if you find something funny!
- Or not.

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  1. This totally reminds me of games I used to play with friends in 5th or 6th grade. We'd draw stick figure bases and one of us would be 'controlling' other players on the drawing. We'd take turns erasing and redrawing the figures to watch the action unfold. (Your work is much prettier) Great memories and great work!

    1. Thx!
      You're lucky to have had such a friend in school, most of us did this on our own I think. I can only imagine the violence escalated exponentially! :D

  2. +1 on Spencers comment. Love it! To Spencer and HardAtWork: what inspired us to do this? Was it something in pop culture like playing Atari2600? I was drawing this style in 1983-6.

    1. I never owned an Atari, but I think it does have something to do with games in general. Most of us started doing this in class out of boredom. It was and still is an ideal way to escape reality and make your own violent action packed story come alive!

  3. Wow.... I might do an anatomy of a few of my old Middle school creatures that appeared in my drawings. ( I really like this style.... maybe I might continue making some using Paint, or (Which one do you prefer to be better suited?) Anyways, saw your post on Reddit. I have a feeling we could be amazing friends, if you're cool with that. Maybe if I get some practice we could collaborate! Though I won't force anything upon you. Truly amazing work, and a big inspiration!

    1. Nice drawings dude!
      I just use the "old" MS Paint (don't know the version).
      About the collab, I'm a little busy at the moment. I had some ppl ask me to help make some games, but I'm still sorting things out.
      I'm planning on making some sort of tutorial so check in from time to time!
      Perhaps we can make a collab later!

  4. thats incredible. love the effort and the art. you should set up a merch shop :)

    just wanted to ask, do you have a dot size for arms bodies and legs? for instance all legs are 6 dots...

  5. Yeah I have been thinking of that :).
    As I told Cocunutsales, I'm planning on making a tutorial soon (I hope).
    Here's how I draw the sticks:

    * Make sure the heads are always the same size and helmets too
    * Make sure the sticks are more or less the same size (compare their heights by copy pasing or make a ruler and put it next to the stick.
    * Draw the body using one line first, then give it some "body' by drawing a second line over/next to the first lines (if that makes any sense)
    * Make sure feet are always either 2 or 3 dots wide

    Hope it helps!

  6. something is very wrong at the security cameras at the bottom left